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Managing cookies


About cookies

Cookies are small files stored on your internet-connected device containing information about browsing the pages of a website.  

The role of cookies on the BOCAGE.fr site

Cookies play an essential role in the functioning of the BOCAGE.fr site. The main aim of cookies is to improve your experience on the site.

For example, cookies ensure that the site BOCAGE.fr remembers your shopping cart so you can do your shopping online. Cookies also allow us to offer you a range of appropriate products and services. 

Cookies are issued by BOCAGE.fr or third parties. 


(1) Cookies issued by BOCAGE.fr 

These are mainly used to improve the presentation of the site and information about the products offered (and to make information more relevant, based on the preferences expressed by the user).

Cookies also allow us to better adapt and customise offers which are available.

We use several types:

-        Cookies which are strictly necessary for browsing on the site.

-        Cookies which enable you to identify yourself and therefore to access your account, your shopping cart, etc.

-        Cookies which can memorise elements which open on the site in the form of windows (or in other formats) and which you have already viewed during a previous visit.

-        Cookies which allow us to adapt the site’s appearance to the device’s display preferences.

-        Cookies which enable the creation of visitor statistics.

-        Cookies which allow an assessment of the general use of the website by users.

-        Cookies which enable us to provide offers which are relevant to users’ interests.


(2) Cookies issued by third parties

These cookies are not issued by BOCAGE.fr but by third parties. They enable companies to target your interests by recording the different pages you visit, to offer you appropriate and relevant recommendations. These are mainly used to improve the presentation of the site and information about the products offered (and to make information more relevant, based on the preferences expressed by the user).

There are some third-party cookies to date on BOCAGE.fr. Below is an updated list with each new third-party cookie.


Cookie Name

Cookie purpose

 Google Analytics

 Site statistics




Configuring your computer to accept or decline cookies

At any time, you may decide to configure your computer to accept or decline cookies. However, be aware that this may affect your browsing and prevent you from accessing certain services. You can:

- either systematically record all the cookies issued by the visited website

- or systematically refuse all the cookies issued by the visited website. If you refuse cookies issued by BOCAGE.fr or delete cookies already stored by BOCAGE.fr, you might not be able to benefit from certain content and services on our website (including cookies for the creation of an online account or for the use of some features of the site). Where applicable, we cannot be held liable for the consequences related to the impaired operation of our services, due to the inability of our services to save or view the cookies which you have decided to delete or refuse.

- or configure your browser so that you can accept or refuse the different cookies which will be offered periodically.


Depending on what you want to do and on the browser you use, you need to visit the page provided for this purpose in order to configure your computer, namely: